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Grand Rapids,MI

“There is no place like home” is a quote from one of my childhood movies, The Wizard of Oz. My sister left for college and I realized my best friend was going on adventures that I couldn’t go on yet. I got her the silver bar necklace to remind her that no matter how far she roams that there is no place like home. No matter where she wanders we both know where we come from and who loves us at home! She will never forget where home is and that there is no place like home!


Sag Harbor,New York

I wasn’t even in high school yet when I met the love of my life. At the time I didn’t know that it would be the love of my life. I met her in school. I was going into my freshmen year and she was going into her senior year when we started dating. Sounds wrong but its not she’s only a year older than I am. She was in a teachers room that I was in most of the time. I came stomping in yelling and screaming because i was having a bad day. I ended up sitting next to her and talking for a bit and she showed me this thing called whale facts and it took off from there. Its been over 2 and a half years now that we’ve been together. She’s going into her junior year of college and I’m going into my senior year of high school. Couldn’t have made it where I am today without her.


Berea ,Ohio

My freshman year of college I met someone I never knew I would need. He taught me how to love even when circumstances change and people move on. I believe God places people along your path for a divine reason and my heart was made to love these people unconditionally. I will be forever thankful for the short time I spent here at little, old Baldwin Wallace.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina
June 8, 2017

Chapel HIll is where I fell in love. This was one of those love stories that just did not work out. It was not the right time or the right circumstance. We were not ready for one another. The passion was there but it quickly got complicated – almost volatile. We had a fall out & did not speak for many years. Until one night at an alumni weekend, we reconnected. We reconnected as new people, but most importantly, as better people. This moment occurred at my favorite bar & it was everything. Sometimes all you need in life is a second chance.


August 10, 2017

Between both of us balancing two jobs, schooling, sports and clubs we believe god put us in the same place at the same time for a reason. He is going away to school so I thought I would give him a constant reminder of how lucky I was to meet him on a cold Buffalo February day and for all the times to come. The coordinates on his necklace are where we met. As for forever, I’ll see you then


Cape Cod,Massachusetts

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is my paradise away from anything in my life. It’s my own piece of heaven, and when I got the coordinates as a gift from my boyfriend I was overwhelmed with happiness. Having this place now physically close to my heart is a beautiful gift. My necklace is a personal reminder of not only my favorite place, but of the love of our life and our favorite song, From the Ground Up (or, F.T.G.U). Not only do I have my favorite place around my neck, but now I also have him with me always. I’ve found someone truly special in him that I’m very grateful for. Thank you, Lat&Lo.


July 21, 2017

“She’s a New Orleans girl and New Orleans girls never live anywhere else and even if they do, they always come back. That’s just the way it is. This is where she belongs. End of discussion.” – Chris Rose. No matter where I’ll travel I know that home is always coming with me.



So many stories rightfully so are to commemorate a special occasion that has great significance for the person. For me, my coordinates reflect the future. My husband and I love Petoskey, Michigan, where we plan to retire. Right now, those dreams are deferred until my husband retires at the end of the year. This ring reminds me every day of the place that stole our hearts and that we will soon call home. It symbolizes the hope that resides in beginning the next chapter of our lives.