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I studied abroad in Rome, Italy last spring semester of 2016. Since it was my first time being away from home for such an extended amount of of time, 4.5 months to be exact, I was given the necklace with the coordinates of my home to never forget where my roots are. The necklace would remind me whenever I felt homesick or even taking off on a new adventure that I held home close to my heart.


Coral Springs,Florida

Like many people, I took my home for granted and didn’t’ realize it until I was
exposed to people who had no home and little or no anchors in their lives.

About two years ago, I became director of a Homeless Day Shelter. When I
got to know the people, look them in the eyes and share eight hours a day with
them, I came to realize and appreciate how lucky I am to have a home.

I wear my Lat & Lo necklace almost every day so I can carry the love and peace I feel in my home with me into the shelter. We, my staff of three and I, work very
hard every day to make the shelter a safe place and, hopefully, an anchor for our
homeless participants.

Thank you for creating a lovely piece of jewelry that affects so many disenfranchised lives.


Virginia Beach,Virginia

I am in love with New York City. I went on a trip with my mom and we had the best time there. My coordinates are Times Square, my absolute favorite place in the world!


Ocean City,MD

This is a beautiful idea for seniors graduating- so they never forget where they came from! I am giving as graduation gifts this year.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina
June 8, 2017

Chapel HIll is where I fell in love. This was one of those love stories that just did not work out. It was not the right time or the right circumstance. We were not ready for one another. The passion was there but it quickly got complicated – almost volatile. We had a fall out & did not speak for many years. Until one night at an alumni weekend, we reconnected. We reconnected as new people, but most importantly, as better people. This moment occurred at my favorite bar & it was everything. Sometimes all you need in life is a second chance.


Raystown Lake,PA
April 5, 2017

Since I was 6 years old, my parents always took my brother and I on vacation every summer to Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania. It became our favorite hideaway. A place where we had irreplaceable memories, unforgettable laughs and spent amazing quality time together. Every summer this is what we looked forward to. I am now 21 and this is our first year not going to our favorite spot. Growing up it was my dream to some day get married there in the fall when the leaves were changing. Then when I have my own family I can hopefully make it their favorite spot. For now I’ll hold on to my necklace and remember all the amazing memories we had.



During the summertime, I work at a camp for individuals with disabilities. This camp has changed my life. The camp shows everyone the importance of acceptance and inclusion, and I have made life-long friendships with not only the staff, but the campers as well. The campers get the opportunity to be a part of things they never thought they could be a part of (archery, tubing, zip-lining, riflery, etc). My parents surprised me with a Lat & Lo bar necklace with the coordinates for my birthday, because they know how important it is to me, and because they know how much I miss camp throughout they year.
“They did not know they could not fly…so they did.”



I was first told about Lat & Lo from a friend of mine. I started thinking about what cool items I could get for my wife, such a unique gift. Then it hit me, this would be something to honor my Son I lost a year and a half ago to suicide. Only 18 yrs old and the oldest of 8 kids, I still can’t form the words for the pain in my heart. I am using where is he buried for the Lat and Long location. I think its an amazing thing to have something like this item that helps me feel closer to him. Its difficult for me to go to the grave site but having this bracelet on me now, makes me feel like I am there everyday by his side, wearing this item. Thank you Lat & Lo for making such an amazing item like this, I am so glad to have found you!