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McMurdo Station,Antarctica
March 22, 2018

I actually live in Virginia but for the last 4 months I have been in Antarctica at the US McMurdo Station. My friend sent me the necklace with the coordinates on for my Christmas present as a reminder when I leave. I have attached a photo of me wearing it with some of Antarctica in the background and a picture of a sign with the same coordinates on (not rounded up but the same). I have been a chef down here and tomorrow return home. Antarctica is stunning in it’s beauty but really really cold – except for the few weeks of summertime when it is just chilly on the Station. Thanks for the great idea and I really love the necklace.



I met my husband of now 40 years at a part time job that I was not elidigle for because both my parent worked. But the files were messed up and i was called for the summer job working as a tower operator for Georgia Forestry Commission. We had a chemistry from day on and married 2 years later.. He is everything to me and the other half that make me complete


Vancouver ,Canada

We met on the side of a mountain on the French side of the Pyrenees on the Camino de Santiago. He was singing Gordon Lightfoot songs in the fog and I followed his voice. We knew we were soul mates right from that moment.
This was 2013. The time wasn’t right for us then but now, four years later, we are planning our future together. I’m Canadian he’s Irish. The coordinates are the exact place we met on the side of that mountain.


Bronx,New York

All my life I was the outcast of my family and the only person that always stood by my side was my ABUELITA (grandmother) She was my rock, my best friend, my role model & the person I could run to with all my problems. She helped me raise 3 wonderful, loving & caring boys, & She passed away last year (11/9/2017) and we took her ashes to her birth & final resting place Coamo PR. The coordinates on my ring are of her final resting place. A memory of the strongest woman I know!!!


November 26, 2018

For my 30th birthday, the year after my grandmother – my Nannie- passed, my fiancé got my necklace enscribed with her handwriting from one of the last Christmas cards she wrote to me. It reads, “Love you forever.” My fiancé and I bought my Nannie’s house after she had left us. The coordinates to her/our home are on the opposite side of my necklace. This is the most special gift I have ever received. Thank you, Lat & Lo for making the most amazing, memorable gift for me. I will now get to wear my Nannie right next to my heart every day.


grand rapids,mi

4 years ago I met the most amazing man of my life after he returned home from Afghanistan. It was the kind of love we read about or watch in movies. But there it was, right in front of me, I finally had everything. Love comes with a lot challenges, it really can test who we are. We have faced many trials and tribulations throughout our journey together. One thing always remains true and thats our love and friendship for one another. He is now over in Afghanistan again fighting for my freedom, our freedom. This necklace represents the other half of my heart that is 1000s of miles away. Come home safe. I love you. GTS.


las Vegas,Nevada

My husband and I met on a dating site. Our first date or, what I had fondly called the meet and greet, was at a romantic sushi restaurant. So the lon/lat was of that restaurant and he had the back inscribed with the acronym WIFLEOY . (when i first laid eyes on you) He was deployed for our first Christmas as husband and wife and this brought tears to my eyes. I will cherish it forever. 🙂


Los Angeles,California
October 16, 2017

Lat & Lo- your pieces are magical and incredible! I have been able to document my love adventure with my beloved husband through your well crafted and stunning pieces. From the Almafi Coast to Spain. The look on my husbands face could not have been more meaningful and heartfelt. Grateful for your craftsman ship and 5 star service! The boxes stylishly compliment the pieces. Thank you again!