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As an only child, I grew up with my parents and grandparents. They were my people. My grandparents lived in Valdosta, GA in a house that I spent every Thanksgiving, Christmas morning, mothers & fathers day, basically any holiday ever in. I grew up, they got older. My grandparents were my best friends and have since passed. They lived in that house for over 50 years. My mom and I cleaned out the house and put it on the market. She now cries because she “doesn’t have a home to go home to anymore”. This past Christmas, I got her and I necklaces with the coordinates to Valdosta and on the back is my grandparents address…1225 Thomwal. Although it cant bring the house back, it reminds us both that we will forever call it home.



My story is unfortunately one of great sadness. My numbers represent the final resting place of my horse Phantom. I rescued Phantom when i was 12 years old. He was old, blind in one eye, “unridable” and was bound to the slaughterhouse. He was being boarded in the same barn i was boarding my horse in. When we all got word that his owners decided they were sending him to auction i begged my parents to let me save him. After much begging and pleading they finally gave in.
Fast forward a few years and you would not even recognize him. This “unridable” horse was now fully trained, blazing trails and letting little kids ride him. He taught me so much, how to be a better rider, how to listen when there are no words, patience and understanding. He made me laugh and cry. He was a companion to my other horse Kelly. He was a unique soul and the biggest goof!
On a cold morning in March, Phantom suddenly passed away. He was 30 years old. We took what would be our last trail ride only 2 days before. I was lucky enough to see him the night before unknown to me that that would be the last “goodnight” and kiss on his forehead.
Phantom was laid to rest on my uncles farm about 3 hours away from me. Having these coordinates keeps him close to my heart.


January 18, 2017

The coordinates I got were the ones to my grandparent’s house/my house. I partly grew up in it, but once they died my father and I moved in for a few years. After four years we were forced to move within the span of 2 months (not a lot of time to process, especially for someone who just started eighth grade). I moved back to my old town for the next year, but was secretly depressed and in denial, I was no longer living at my home. Two years later I’m going to a different school, living in a different town happiest I’ve ever been and decided to get this as a reminder to be happy and live a happy life, but always have my true home closest to me.



I live in Alberta, Canada and was leaving for a study abroad trip in Brazil for 6 months. My girlfriend was having a hard time with it, and I wanted to surprise her with the perfect gift before I left. That’s when I found Lat & Lo. I ordered the Where Are You Anchored necklace inscribed with the coordinates of my address in Brazil. The necklace was beautiful and the customer service was excellent. It was a perfect gift that showed no matter where we were or how many miles were between us, we were always anchored to eachother. Lat & Lo is an incredible company and I can’t thank them enough!


Prior Lake,MN
February 17, 2017

I grew up a farmers daughter. My Dad has farmed my grandparents farm since he was a teenager and continued to farm even after they passed. Recently the family sold both the land and the property to a wonderful family, and even though we can always visit, it just isn’t the same. My necklace will always be my special reminder of the farm and my special memories.


Bay shore,NY

My coordinates signify where the love of my life was born (well the hospital) my little girl who is my hero. Though the birth of your child is an exciting moment and changes your life, but my little hero was born at 30 weeks and now at almost 3 is still as strong and feisty as she was at 2lbs. Nonetheless this means the world to me and someday I hope it means the world to her when I give it to her!



So this morning I was woken up by my husband with a Zelda themed treasure hunt. It started in our home, led to my work and back home, where I was given a key to a treasure box. Inside the box was rupees, a fairy in a jar and a beautiful necklace from Lat &Lo. On the necklace were the location where we first said I love you and the date. Also included was a anchor in the middle which means so much to me. I have always called my husband my anchor, because I have horrible anxiety he has always been my anchor to keep me steady. So this piece has more meaning in than I could have ever imagined.



My boyfriend and I met in Oklahoma City in the air traffic training program. We weren’t suppose to become as close as we did, but it turned out for the best. One weekend we went ice skating; in a way it was our first date. He was falling all over the ice and I was falling in love with him. Luckily about a month later I broke down and let him know that I loved him and we’ve been inseparable ever since. This Christmas he got me a necklace with the coordinates of that ice skating rink.