It all began when Andy told me he was taking me on a surprise trip. One of the items on my bucket list was to go on a trip without knowing a destination or planning for it. The only thing Andy would tell me was to pack clothes for typical cool fall weather and said we were going to a city neither of us has ever been. I still had no idea where we were going, even the morning of. I had a few ideas (all in the US), but I never guessed the city we were about visit.

We arrived at the airport, and my jaw dropped when Andy handed me MY passport. He said, “You are going to need this.” I could not believe he snuck my passport. It was still a mystery where he was taking me. We walked up to the Delta counter and the women asked, “What is your destination?” I was hanging on every word as Andy looked at me, and replied, “PARIS!” I could not believe my ears, and nearly fainted! The women could not believe that I did not know where he was taking me. It’s funny looking back, because on the flight, I even said to Andy, “You do know that Paris is the most romantic city.” He simply replied, “I have heard that.”

We arrived in Paris, dropped off our bags, and walked to a nearby café. We ate crepes, croissants, and drank crème coffees. We people watched, relaxed, and talked a little bit about everything. We left the café and walked along the river. As we walked, I was focused on not getting my heel stuck in the gaps of the cobblestone. We took in the beautiful scenery, snapped pictures, and walked hand in hand. Andy reached in his pocket and grabbed his phone (he was stalling because he saw the hidden photographer putting her camera together). He took a picture then put his phone away. Immediately after, he grabbed both my hands and pulled me close. I could feel his heart beating a million beats a minute. I looked at him, with such anticipation, still not quite sure what he was about to do, but slowing beginning to have an idea. His eyes began to water, just slightly, as he told me how I was his best friend and how much he loved me. I looked into his eyes as I held the sides of his jacket. He got down on one knee, open the small silver box. It held the most beautiful ring, which glistened and shined like nothing I have ever seen before. He asked, “Courtney, will you…” but I interrupted him and said, “YES, a million times, YES!” He finished his question and I interrupted again and told him to kiss me. I was so anxious and couldn’t wait, so I bent down to kiss him, who was still on one knee. After the kiss, he stood and slid the ring on my finger, a perfect fit. I was surprised as he gestured to a close spot on our left.  I looked over to see Lindsey Kent, the photographer, for the first time as she walked towards us. She introduced herself and we made small talk for a few minutes. She took photographs of us along the river. The sun was out, my heart was full of joy, and I was still in disbelief about how Andy made all this happen.   

After the photographs, we sat along the river to have a moment, just us. Andy told me how he asked my parents’ permission, and called my sister Tiffany and my best friend Kristen. He revealed how he planned every detail. He said, “I have one more surprise.” He pulled out a lock with our initials engraved, a red lock. He said this is a symbol of our love and we need to lock it away. We walked to the Love Lock Bridge and found a perfect spot and continued our memorable day with yet another moment to cherish.

I could not have dreamed or imagined a more perfect proposal. I was truly surprised, and I have never been happier. The day continued to unravel romantic moments and blessings from God. The sun was out for the proposal, but was followed shortly after by a romantic rain. We ran from overhang to overhang, waiting for the worst to pass. We went into a few shops so I could buy some boots (which I will never throw away). I suggested a small quaint pizza place, and Andy said “I knew I loved you.” We ate the best pesto pizza and toasted our champagne to celebrate.

He is a Man that knows my heart and my mind and I thank God for giving us one another. He proposed at 48.850563,2.354312 along La Seine River. I have been looking for a coordinate jewelry maker with an awesome story. Yours is great!!! Good luck to you and thanks for the necklace!